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a community dedicated to the people affected by workplace bullying and those devoted to helping them

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Imagine a World without Workplace Bullies

To date, most nations in the industrialized world have laws to protect employees from abusive bullying in the workplace. Recently, Korea, Ireland and Puerto Rico have passed comprehensive legislation making workplace bullying illegal, punishable by fines and jail-time.

But in states of the U.S, this type of abuse persists, unrestrained by any such laws. As a result, the incidence rate has continued to climb to unprecedented numbers. Clearly, this destructive behavior has been normalized in the absence of legislation, and employees continue to suffer for it.

What is workplace bullying? It is repeated, health-harming mistreatment by one or more employees of an employee: abusive conduct that is either verbal abuse; or behaviors which are threatening, intimidating, or humiliating; or work sabotage, in some combination.

What if we could network to get help to victims who most need it right now?

What if we could share our stories and strategies to better help survivors to recover?

And what if we could better organize our efforts to see necessary legislation passed in our lifetime?

Imagine no further.

What is SafeHarbor?

SafeHarbor is a community where we strive to better understand workplace bullying, help those afflicted by it, and collaboratively work to put an end to it.

Who Should Join?

People from all walks of life join SafeHarbor for a variety of reasons.

  • Targets, Survivors, and Thrivers of workplace bullying can share learned lessons with newbies.
    • To determine if you best belong to the Targets, Survivors, or Thrivers group, please read and reflect on this very important article by Susanne M. Dillmann. (Note: we prefer the term, Targets, here to the term used by the author's article, Victims.)
  • Mental Health and Legal professionals can learn how to better help survivors.

  • Advocates like Union representatives and social justice activists can devise ways to transform work cultures from toxic to toxic-free.

  • Stakeholders like HR, Admin, & Mgmt can learn about the cost of workplace bullying and create incentives for change in their workplace.

  • Researchers can share the literature, critique the science, and plan collaborative efforts to expand the burgeoning body of literature.

  • Allies like SMEs and Influencers can discuss and plan next steps re: legislation and requisite organizational transformation.

About Me

Hello! I'm Gary Namie, social psychologist and co-founder & director of the Workplace Bullying Institute. My wife, Dr. Ruth, and I began WBI in 1997 after she was bullied by her employer, a fellow psychologist. Since then, understanding workplace bullying and helping those impacted by it has been our life’s work.

Together we've written three books on the topic. I bring 21 years of teaching university in Management and Psychology, and taught the first university course on workplace bullying in the U.S. I'm an expert witness in bullying-related litigation. I direct the legislative campaign to enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, and I created and maintain the world's definitive online resource: workplacebullying.org

As the foremost authority on workplace bullying in the U.S., I have a heart for this work, and so I’m very glad to welcome you to this new WBI community, SafeHarbor.

What You'll Access

  • Valuable, ongoing content and discussions related to workplace bullying
  • Mindfully curated role-focused groups
  • One-on-one introduction to members with overlapping interests
  • Regular online meetings with Gary on topics that matter to you and your work
  • Direct messaging with fellow members
  • Affordable Courses for Survivors, Mental Health and Legal Professionals, Union Reps, Advocates, and Stakeholders

Let's get after it - TOGETHER!